Carpet Care Tips when living in the Northern Beaches Sydney

General Cleanliness

Vacuum all areas weekly and the main traffic ways twice weekly. Have your carpets professionally steam cleaned at least once a year. Busy households may require two cleans a year.

Spots and Spills

For spots and spills sponge up with a dry towel, then we recommend you call Derek Jeanneret Cleaning on 9979 6857 or 0411 180 495 for further advice. Avoid supermarket generic cleaners as some can permanently “fix” stains into the carpet. Blue Tongue Carpets usually caries a range of safe, cost effective cleaning products.

NEVER PUT ANY CHEMICALS ON PET URINE “ACCIDENTS”! Only use filtered water with a 20% mix of white vinegar to break down the pH and then blot or suck up using a wet vac. If you are in doubt, always call a professional for assistance to avoid compounding the problem.

Tip of the day: Always take ALL shoes off at the front door.

Drink Spills

  1. Sponge up with towel (bath or paper)
  2. Pour bottled drinking soda water or filtered water on the spill area – Never use tap water
  3. Sponge up with towels
  4. Repeat twice, each time using just enough soda water to just cover the spill
  5. Place a dry towel over the area and press down firmly to transfer excess moisture onto into the towel
  6. Remove the towel and let it dry

This method works with soft drink, tea, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

If drinks are spilt on rugs sitting on carpet, remove the rug off the carpet immediately, as colour from rug can bleed into the carpet underneath.

Food Spots

Baby nappy wipes are very good for small bits of butter and vegemite, cream or small gravy drops. Preen also make a product called ‘Carpet Wipes’. ANY food spots bigger than small drops or finger prints need to be Professionally Cleaned right away.

For a carpet cleaner that offers a personal and professional service with the same ethics as we have, please contact Derek Jeanneret Cleaning on 9979 6857 or 0411 180 495.

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